Hats Off: Breast Cancer Foundation now offers families the opportunity to memorialize their family member while supporting the foundations efforts.

A memorial is an integral part of the grieving process that can bring those affected by a death closer together by encouraging communication and expression. For many who have lost loved ones, visiting a churchyard or a crematorium is not always possible. They might live too far away, might dread crying in public or find the journey too difficult. Our memorial pages allow people to be able to remember and commemorate together, wherever they are and whenever they wish.

Have a virtual memorial page placed in remembrance of the life of your loved one for free, here on Hats Off: Breast Cancer Foundations site. A memorial page is a lovely way to pay tribute to your family member or friend while being able to share the memories of their life’s story. Other family and friends can visit the page to pay tribute to the memorial page by leaving a message, sharing a story, or donating to the foundation in their name.

Create Your Memorial
Create Your Memorial

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