HATS OFF: Breast Cancer Foundation requests your sponsorship in support of its mission to give back to other women diagnosed with breast cancer and adhering to our mission. As a sponsor of HATS OFF your company will make a difference in the lives of women in Maryland and across the nation. Your company also benefit from sponsorship because consumers will be encouraged to support your products and establishment. Survivors, members, and those affiliated with this foundation have a more positive outlook of product or the company as it supports a cause they are passionate about.


Sponsor Now
Sponsor Now

With great recommendation, customers can be persuaded to switch from one brand to another brand, especially those associated with a good cause. Your contributions are greatly appreciated and will ensure that more money can go towards helping an individual live a more quality life in various areas.

• Associated with a new grass roots foundation already giving back to women diagnosed with breast cancer across the nation.

• Alignment with the most renowned movement to support women experiencing financial hardship or economically challenged.

• Associated with a successful group who has already established excellence in presenting programs and fundraising events for breast cancers women in Maryland.

• Generate community goodwill and support for another foundation.

• Access a targeted audience of consumers

• Increased brand awareness for your corporation or organization.

• Showcase your products, organization, and/or affiliations

• Build employee moral, company pride, organization partnership.

• Company or organization posted on web site as sponsorship level.

• If you have a sponsorship with HATS OFF, we would like you to continue your support and invite you to join us in our upcoming events.

• Sponsorship opportunities exist at various levels with increasing benefits at each increment.

• We also offer unique opportunities for sponsors to support our mission in various areas such as survivor activities, support groups, display your product, provide vehicle transportation, or creative ways to market your product.

• Sponsors will be showcased at HATS OFF programs, events and activities.

• We welcome your questions and ask you to join us in the HATS OFF mission.


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